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Welcome to the European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours (ENS@T)

Adrenal tumours are rare and therefore progress with regard to their diagnosis and treatment can only be achieved by combining the efforts of researchers and clinicians from several countries. To overcome these difficulties and to achieve significant progress benefiting the affected patients we have created a Network on Adrenal Tumours at a European-wide level.

ENS@T aims to improve the understanding of the genetics, tumourigenesis and hypersecretion in patients with adrenal tumours and associated familial syndromes. It aims to improve the prediction of recurrence and the management of malignant adrenal tumours, which are particularly rare. The study of adrenal tumours is likely to reveal new molecular mechanisms of tumour growth and provide insight into the role of hormones as the cause of hypertension (high blood pressure).

ENS@T was founded in 2002 by putting together three already existing National Adrenal Networks (Comete in France, GANIMED in Germany, and NISGAT in Italy) and teams from the United Kingdom all dedicated to the study of adrenal tumours. In 2009, ENS@T became a membership-based society with statutes and bye-laws and a large number of European clinicians and scientists have joined in the efforts of the Network by becoming members of ENS@T.


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